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Accessibility statement

The website and online store of Reuven Zuckerman, a photographer and artist, strive to provide an optimal user experience on the site for the general public, including people with disabilities, with the aim of facilitating and streamlining the use of the site with a focus on the needs of people with disabilities. The site has been made accessible and adapted with the necessary technological aids for this purpose.

If you encounter any incompatibility, I would appreciate feedback for improvement and correction in

order to adapt it for your use.

You can send an email to me via the "Contact Us"

form, which can be accessed through the top menu of the site.

Accessibility Officer Details on the Website: Reuven Zuckerman

The accessibility statement was last updated on 8/1/2024.


Despite the efforts and resources I have invested in making the website accessible,

it is possible that some of the content is still less accessible.

Therefore, if you do encounter an accessibility gap that interferes with and makes

it difficult to easily use the site,  I would be grateful to receive your inquiry on the matter.

Please accept my apologies!

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