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1978 (Moscow) came to Israel in 1991


2010 "Beit Berl" Academy of Arts: Studied for a BA in plastic arts and education.

2008 "Wizo" Academy, Haifa: professional photography course.

2003 "Creative Photography" private college: the course is given by the photographer Jacob Bornstein, Tel Aviv.

2000 Army service: frontier engineering.

Exhibitions, work:

2020: Group Exhibit in "Miklat Le'omanut" Gallery  Jerusalem "Russland".

2016: Group exhibit in "Miklat Le'omanut" Gallery  Jerusalem, festival "Courts".

2016: Group exhibit in "Beit Alliance" Jerusalem, "Room - Heider".

2016: Group exhibit in "Hechal Shlomo" museum Jerusalem, "Ashrenu".

2015: One-man exhibit in "Jerusalem House of quality", "From the depth of the heart".

2013: A concept photography book published, "Reuven’s Prayer".

2007 – 2011: Freelance photographer in "Hatzav de-Vit" advertising agency, Tiberias

2009: Emissary of the Jewish Agency in the "Millhouse" summer camp for children in

Novosibirsk, Russia. discussion leader and photography teacher.

2009: Individual exhibit "Whose Life is This?" in "Beit Gabriel", North Israel.

2008 – 2009: A volunteer teaching assistant in a shelter for people

with special needs, "Tiberias Heights" Hostel.

2009: Author in an artist blog in a Jewish-Arab site "Dugrinet".

2008: Alumni exhibit of the "Wizo" college of art and design, Haifa.

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